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West facade of the monastery Monastery and its reflection El Escorial is situated at the foot of Mt. Abantos in the Sierra de Guadarrama. View from the north-west This austere location, hardly an obvious choice for the site of a royal palace, was chosen by King Philip II of Spain, and it was he who ordained the building of a grand edifice here to commemorate the Spanish victory at the Battle of St. The building’s cornerstone was laid on 23 April The design and construction were overseen by Juan Bautista de Toledo , who did not live to see the completion of the project. With Toledo’s death in , direction passed to his apprentice, Juan de Herrera , under whom the building was completed in , in less than 21 years. To this day, la obra de El Escorial “the work of El Escorial” is a proverbial expression for a thing that takes a long time to finish. Two Bourbon kings, Philip V who reigned from to and Ferdinand VI — , as well as King Amadeus — , are not buried in the monastery.

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Aatchi Gallery The gallery has been a major influence in the British art scene since its opening and serves as a career springboard to budding artists.

This introduces an interesting but obscure chapter in history, straddling Spain and France and consequently tending to be left by treatments of Spain to French history, and by treatments of France to Spanish history. Not all of it was ultimately retained by Spain, but readily accessible sources don’t seem to show either the difference between the old and new boundaries or what happened to the rulers of Navarre after the annexation — the table at right picks up at that point.

This seems like a grave oversight for the history of France. The history of Navarre is obscure enough that I found the full genealogy only with recourse to a succession of more serious and complete sources. Family trees for the Bourbons, such as given here , almost never go back further than the father, Henry, of Henry IV’s mother Jeanne. Brian Tompsett’s Royal and Noble genealogy originally enabled me to fill in the gaps, but there are some obscurities and questions in the information of both Tompsett and Hay that I had to compare with other sources.

Feldkamp [Philipp Reclam, Stuttgart, , pp. Fischer Verlag, , p. A less esoteric source with a complete list of kings is in the Oxford Dynasties of the World [John E. Morby, Oxford, , pp. The succession of France jumps to the House of Valois , but, as it happened, Louis X had a surviving daughter, Jeanne. She was ignored for the French Throne because of the Salic Law, which prohibited female succession, but the Salic Law did not apply to Navarre. This is a curiosity that I have never seen noted in histories of Europe.

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Snorre records that Harald "Grenske” was welcomed in Svithjod by "Toste…often in battle…therefore called Skoglar-Toste” and lived five years with him [68]. The name of Toste’s wife is not known. The name of Ulf’s wife is not known. Snorre names “Earl Ragnvald, Ulf’s son” when recording his [fir[first]riage [70][70]orre records that Ragnvald accompanied Ingegerd to Russia and was installed as Earl of Ladoga [71][71]>

The Chronicon Roskildense records that “Hericum regem” was killed and succeeded by “Hericus puer” [98][98]>

Facts and interesting information about the people who lived under the system of feudalism and manorialism in the Middle Ages. In Jerusalem was taken by the Turks and Christians were treated so badly that throughout Christendom people were stirred to fight in crusades. Their life, living conditions, clothing, weapons, training, armor, tournaments and jousts.

The Knights Templar organisation was also formed during the Middle Ages. Included in this section are Facts about Knights. The training of Knights during the period, the Steps to Knighthood, the lives of the Squires culminating in the Order of Knighthood Ceremony which occurred after about 14 years of training. Finally facts, history and information about a Knights Armor, Chainmail and his war horse called a Destrier. In fact, everything you need to now about the history of Knights in the Middle Ages.

Knights Templar for Kids The crusades saw the emergence of religious knights including the Knights Templar, the Teutonic knights and the Hospitallers during the Middle Ages.

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In fact, I am positively delighted for you. I hope your seat is soft and bouncy as the balls on court, and your strawberries as chilled as Federer. I am even prepared to extend this generosity of spirit to every Wimbledon trouper that has gone before: If there is one family I would ban from the Wimbledon box of power, it is the sodding Middleton mafia, writes Katie Hopkins James is pictured with sister Pippa in the royal box With the exclusion of the delightful Kate, they are a bunch of smug, over-privileged arrivists who are leeching off the royals like ticks on a dog pictured is Carole and Michael This is the true purpose of the royal box.

To afford both actual royalty and Wimbledon royalty the respect they have earned through service to the nation or to centre court.

In fact, I am positively delighted for you.

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El Escorial

Full disclosure before we proceed: Men of other races, particularly East Asian men will also benefit from this post to a certain extent. Is Racism The Problem?

Without even noticing it.

First settlements occurred in followed by early colonizations at Maspeth in , [11][11] Vlissingen now Flushing in The Flushing Remonstrance signed by colonists in is considered a precursor to the United States Constitution ‘s provision on freedom of religion in the Bill of Rights. The signers protested the Dutch colonial authorities’ persecution of Quakers in what is today the borough of Queens. Originally, Queens County included the adjacent area now comprising Nassau County.

It was an original county of New York State, one of twelve created on November 1, Queens, like the rest of what became New York City and Long Island, remained under British occupation after the Battle of Long Island in and was occupied throughout most of the rest of the Revolutionary War. Under the Quartering Act , British soldiers used, as barracks , the public inns and uninhabited buildings belonging to Queens residents.

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British life and culture – England, Scotland and Wales Dating and Marriage Customs in Britain Dating Dating usually starts in the teenage years, although some kids at primary school age are now having boy and girl friends from the age of 8 years and upwards. Traditionally, girls used to wait for the lads to make the first move, but these days equality rules.

Marriage What is the legal age for marrying in the UK? In England and Wales people cannot marry if they are aged 16 or 17 and do not have parental consent. In the UK, the age of sexual consent for women is In Scotland both parties must be at least 16 years of age parental consent is not required.

Halfdan had [six[six]ldren:

What is the derivation of the pictures of kings, queens and jacks variously portrayed on a pack of playing cards? Are they based on historical figures? The composition and design of playing card decks varied with time and locale particularly the number of cards in a deck , but the inclusion of both numbered cards and court cards or “royals” — and the division of cards into different suits — were standard features from early on.

Italian decks contained fifty-six cards, included four types of court cards king, queen, knight, and knave and were divided into four suits cups, swords, coins, and batons. As the popularity of card games spread throughout Europe and the demand for decks of playing cards increased tremendously, they ceased to be expensive, hand-painted luxuries and became cheaper, mass-produced commodities manufactured by master card makers via the use of stencils.

Around the same time, knaves were dropped from the subset of court cards to bring the composition of a standard deck down to fifty-two cards. The French suit symbols were more easily stencilled than their earlier counterparts, and the French card masters soon realized they did not need to engrave each of the twelve court cards separately, as their German competitors did. The French simply created one wood block or copper plate for each of the three royals, printed the cards from them, and stencilled the suits in later.

The French were thus able to outproduce German card makers, and so the French design eventually became the standard for most of Europe. It was at about this time that the French card masters also started the practice of assigning identities to the royals pictured on their court cards. All of the court cards not just the kings were named, and the identities assigned to them and printed on the cards were by no means consistent.

The choice of names differed from master to master, often with no apparent reason behind them other than personal preference or whim.

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Scout January 28, Comments Last week, I was scouting on Jamaica Ave when I noticed a movie-theater-turned-church up the block. This is pretty common in New York, where are a LOT of once great theaters have been gutted and repurposed, most often into churches, pharmacies and gyms. But something immediately stuck out about the Tabernacle of Prayer church. What a gloriously stunning facade: The entire front is dripping with swirls of ornamentation, a whimsical blend of Spanish and Mexican baroque design — with an aquatic emphasis?

Note the mermaid in the center… And the numerous half-shells dotting the front.

A young, urban, single white women probably came to mind.

Adam of Bremen names “rex Godafridus” as the Danish leader against whom Emperor Charlemagne made war [14][14]nhard records a dispute between “Drasconem ducem Abodritorum” and “Godelaibum alium ducem…et cum eis filium fratris sui…Reginoldum”, the latter being killed in [16][16]nhard records that “Thrasco dux Abodritorum” was killed by “hominibus Godofridi” in “emporie Rerie” in [17][17]e Royal Frankish Annals also record that King Godefrid attacked the Obotrites in and destroyed their commercial centre at Reria [18][18]>

He attacked the Frisians in [19][19]nhard records the death of “Godefrido Danorum rege” in and the succession of “Hemmingus filius fratris eius” [20][20]e Annales Fuldenses record the death in of “Godafrido Danorum rege”, the succession by “Hemmingus filius fratris eius”, and the latter making peace with the emperor [21][21] was murdered by one of his retainers [22][22]>

King Godefrid had [fou[four or more]ldren: He and his brothers were exiled to Sweden after the death of their father. They returned in and expelled King Harald and King Reginfred [23][23]nhard’s Annales record that “Harioldus et Reginfredus reges Danorum” who, in the previous year had been expelled from Denmark by “filiis Godofredi”, attacked again in but “Reginfridus et unus de filiis Godofredi qui maior natu erat” were killed [24][24]>

Joint King of the Danes No source has so far been identified which names the sons of King Godefrid or states how many sons there were.

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Today, Kensington Palace accommodates the offices and private apartments of a number of members of the Royal Family. The Science Museum The most visited science and technology museum in Europe has more than 15, objects on display, including the world famous Apollo 10 command capsule. The official London residence of British monarchy since is the administrative headquarters of the Monarch today.

Westminster Abbey Featuring a mix of architectural styles, the Gothic monastery church is the traditional place of coronation and burial for English monarchs.

London Theatreland The London West End shows, musicals, plays, comedies, dances and concerts are all happening here at the Theatreland.

Chapter 4 Chapter Text Shelia and Holman are talking quietly, dancing softly to some pop ballad that seems to be dripping pure sugar onto them and all the other couples on the dance floor. Scully herself feels her body reacting to the sweet magic; swaying to the beat of the music, she can’t help but be proud of seeing Sheila and Holman like this.

He can’t seriously be thinking about dancing, can he? They should go home. Something tells her the sky will be clear of thunderstorms and rain right about now. Not that she would admit that to Mulder. Long seconds pass, the song turns even more cheesy, and finally Scully takes his hand.

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