Tow Hook – Heavy Duty w/ Safety Clip 8pc Chrome Finish

The frame or the receiver is typically the only spot on a vehicle on which it’s OK to attach tow hooks. Other places like bumpers or wheel axles simply aren’t built to support the force of another vehicle pulling on them. Department of Transportation DOT requires that every American-made vehicle has four attachment points in their frames, and it’s through these holes driver can bolt their hooks. If for whatever reason you don’t want to use these holes, you can also weld tow hooks onto the frame if you have the skills to do so. Once the hooks are mounted onto the frame, an appropriate set of straps is necessary for making a connection and allowing one vehicle to pull the other. There are actually two types of straps used in towing — tow straps and recovery straps — and it’s important to know the difference between them. Tow straps are designed for, as the name suggests, towing.

Setting up to flat tow F-150 behind a motorhome

This versatile chrome tow hook is ideal for utility vans and boxes, 4 wheel drive pick-ups and cars. The heavy duty tow hooks can be fastened on tailgates, push bars, grill guards, or under the front or rear bumper. These chrome tow hooks are great for use with recovery straps , especially tow straps 2″ to 4″ wide.

Tighten each tire strap securely by pulling up and down on the tow dolly ratchet handle as many times as necessary.

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How Tow Hooks Work

Our tow straps are available in flat loop, reinforced, and 2 ply options. The loop sewn at each end allows the strap to be slipped easily onto a tow hook. Check Safety Working Load limit as stated on this site as well as attached label to ensure the correct number of assembly is used for a given load. Each assembly is only strong as its weakest part so proper inspection prior to use is necessary as any damages may compromise the integrity of the unit.

It is your responsibility to review the Federal D.

We hope to soon launch a new shipping system that would dramatically lower costs for you.

Brake control Battery power The first four pins are the same as the standard flat-four connections, and are connected to the tail light wiring harness run during Phase 3 above. The last two pins are used for the braking system. A standard Unified Tow Brake installation uses a separate two pin umbilical. I didn’t want to have to hook up two umbilicals each time, so I combined all of the wires into my own custom six pin umbilical. This works out well for me since the motorhome hitch includes a seven pin blade socket, and the coach came factory pre-wired for the Unified Tow Brake, sending the brake signal out the brake control pin of this connector.

I came up with this scheme six years ago when I installed everything on my last truck. It appears that the installation instructions for the toad-only kit for pre-wired motorhomes have since been updated to include this wiring scheme, as there is now a section to this effect near the end of the installation instructions. I don’t recall this being there six years ago but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there at the time.

I thought it would make things easier since it includes the 6 pin socket, and is pre-wired with a flat-four connector for the lights, and blunt-cut wires for the remaining circuits. The plan was to simply connect the two flat-four connectors together.

Towing Hardware

Over the years, I’ve been stuck a few times myself along with mechanical problems and even running out of gas but fortunately, someone has always been willing to lend a hand. This just seems like the right thing to do but I do have certain stipulations. First, I’ll ask if they’ve aired down to around 15 psi and provide a gauge to check.

Air pressure in the rear tires of some tow vehicles may be increased to accommodate the additional weight of the trailer.

Back to top Mean Mother tyre gauges are shock resistant, reliable, easy to read and operate. All our gauges have been tested to ANSI standards for their precision and accuracy. The classifications relate to the scale of the gauge. The scale of the gauge, commonly referred to as the pressure range is divided into three equal portions when characterising its accuracy. For example psi, psi and psi portions of the dial. When selecting a gauge for your application you should select one where the middle portion will be the pressure range required.

For this reason all Mean Mother gauges are psi which is most suited to the 4WD and standard vehicle market. Mean Mother tyre gauges achieve this accuracy and reliability because of the quality of components and design. They feature a unique diaphragm made from a composite material that is sensitive to even the slightest change in pressure and will never lose their shape. Most common tyre gauges are constructed using a bourdon tube with mechanical gears. Its generally acknowledged that when the bourdon tube receives a sudden boost of pressure the internal gearing activates to move the pointer.

The gears can easily fail as a result of the torque generated from this action.


Originally Posted by redrooster My vote is for a rusty logging chain and some bungee cords. You can spend as much as you want on a strap. My suggestion is to get one with the length, rating and ends that you like. I personally go with the 10, lb El Cheapo Wal Mart strap because I have found that they work just fine for me. As long as you don’t wrap them around sharp bumpers and rocks then you are good to go.

For worse situations I just hook up the winch.

It is your responsibility to review the Federal D.

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Recovery Equipment

Designed for use in fabricating undercar receiver hitches when a receiver is not available. This product is made from high-grade materials to meet Designed for use in fabricating undercar receiver Designed for use in fabricating undercar receiver hitches when a prefabricated receiver is not available. These tubes are dimensionally identical to the

A standard Unified Tow Brake installation uses a separate two pin umbilical.

Hooking up Your Tow Dolly to Your Truck Your Penske representative will demonstrate how to hook up the tow dolly to your truck at the time of rental. If it is necessary for you to disconnect the tow dolly to load your truck, follow the instructions below to reattach the tow dolly. The coupler-locking device must be in the full open position. Place the coupler of the tow dolly over the two-inch hitchball on your rental truck. Be sure the coupler is fully seated down over the hitchball.

Completely lock the coupler. If the tow dolly is equipped with a lever-type coupler, the lever must be in the down position and the locking pin inserted. When finished, pull up on the tow dolly coupler to be sure it is properly secured. If your tow dolly is equipped with a single flat electrical plug, insert the plug into the receptacle in truck’s electrical box.

Check for proper operation.

Setting up to flat tow F-150 behind a motorhome

Always observe state laws and municipal ordinances governing towing. The State Patrol is a good source for this information. First you must decide how you are going to tow your car.

Unloading Your Vehicle from the Tow Dolly 1.

Download and print this guide: Safety messages alert you to possible hazards and instruct you on how to avoid or reduce the risk of injury. Make sure all drivers read and understand all these instructions. See the Connecting Your Trailer section for auto transport trailer hook up instructions. A U-Haul representative can assist if you require assistance.

Or, for a video go to: The vehicle-in-tow must be loaded facing forward on the auto transport AT trailer. Then stop to reload the vehicle-in- tow facing forward as soon as possible, and remove any cargo from the vehicle-in-tow vehicle carried on trailer.

Pulling car out of ditch/snow bank, etc.

Could you install a bike rack without having to remove

Forged Tow Hook 14″ Steel w/ O-Ring

Completely lock the coupler.

How To: Tow A Car With A Strap

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