Nkandla (homestead)

But before that, we had to sink these square cement block things. What are they called? And so, we I use this word very vaguely dug holes and sunk the concrete blocks. The blocks had been fitted with large bolts that ran through the center and into the horizontal frame of the greenhouse. Thus, the greenhouse was bolted to the ground via concrete blocks. After a week of on-and-off labor, the frame of the greenhouse was completed and level — not as easy as one would imagine. In the end, despite a few thrown objects and some mild cursing, the greenhouse was at least standing.

Nkandla (homestead)

Pay to register to make a clean burning, relatively efficient, and inexpensive version of commercial forges that cost four times or more the amount to make this. This is an alternative to the costly indoor set-up of a coal fired forge for the budding blade-smith or blacksmith. Cut metal and fabricate parts using power tools. We do the welding. Create a refractory cement mold using Sana tube, cardboard, and duct tape. Our cement is rated for high temperatures.

Please register sooner than later so we have enough materials on hand.

According to the ministerial handbook, the department can spend R , on security improvements at the private houses of public officials. Any costs above that must be covered by the official. Over R , , has appeared to be allocated by the department. On 6 April charges against him were dropped by the National Prosecuting Agency, citing political interference. On 9 May he was inaugurated as the fourth post-apartheid President of South Africa. A month later between the 18th and 29 May a security assessment was carried out at his private residence in Nkandla.

Expansion to the compound included the installation of a helipad , visitors’ center, private military hospital and parking lot.

Building a Goat Milking Stand

I bought our little house in the forest somewhere around Then the real work started. Now surrounded by fully grown trees and covered with moss, the building was probably a year away from the roof collapsing and the whole thing rotting into the ground.

You may not complete your woven pattern entirely but will have a good start on it and will have the tools to do additional weavings in the future.

Juicy Details of Our 5 Acre Property October 2, By Alyssa 40 Comments After a couple years of hard work, in September we were finally able to purchase 5 acres of land in a rural part of Idaho. It was a dream come true. In this post we would like to share the details of our land upon purchasing it, what it looks like per-development, what we plan to do with it, as well as some of the pros and cons.

Back sometime in , we had some long discussions and picked a place to settle down. We decided that we were going to aim to buy land in Idaho. To make it work we knew we were going to have to work hard, stay focused, and come up with a substantial amount of money for a down payment. We also had to find land that would be suitable for our needs.

Today, we have been living on our land for 3. As we talk about our land a lot obviously! We really want to focus on what the land looked like when we bought it and even how things worked out financially as we want to be transparent as possible in hopes it is helpful to some. In this video, I will give you close to a full tour of our land.

This video was taken shortly before we decided to pave our driveway , dig the footings for our barn and before we had our septic system installed. Things moved quickly so we did the video just in time! The Financial Ramifications As you may know, it can be difficult to get a bank loan on bare land.

DIY Spring Wreath

I always end up with a short, squatty, heavy-textured loaf. You know the kind: My dough this time was a little softer, and also still somewhat sticky. By scooping the flour up with your measuring cup the flour will be compacted, resulting in too much flour being measured. Making My Fluffy Sandwich Bread I measured the milk and heated it in the microwave for about 30 seconds or so until it was very warm. Then I added the butter, bacon grease, sugar and salt and stirred the whole shebangie until the butter was melted.

We will sand the surfaces to our satisfaction.

SOLD Updated ranch style home on six lots with many recent improvements. Call to set up a time for a personal showing! Please contact Dan Rohrer at Please click on picture for additional photos and information. Main floor consists of a large living area and full kitchen. Partially finished basement with large family room, central heat and air. Newer roof and hard board siding. Plenty of room for a addition or building! Call Joe Aschoff today Please click on picture for additional photos and information.

DIY Halloween Wreath

First off, is a milking stand really even necessary? For us personally, yes it is. Although I can milk our goats while they are tied up or someone is holding them, I find that it is infinitely easier and more sanitary for us to use a stand. Since milking is something I do every single day, I like to streamline it as much as possible. However, if you have the perfect goat who quietly grazes and stands while you milk her out in the pasture, more power to you!

You will spin a quantity of yarn for the purpose of weaving on a lap loom.

Patrick has formed his style and design sense of tattooing after those he has been tattooed by and studied. He enjoys tattooing people who want simple, clean, solid tattoos. Tattoos that look like real tattoos, ones that will age gracefully with the client over the lifetime of the client. He prefers to work in the traditional American style and Japanese work. He learned to tattoo under the guidance of Patrick Dean and Dave Shoemaker, following proudly in the tradition of those before him.

His focus is clean, solid methodical tattooing, just like his mentors. Originally from vermont, we give him a pass for being slow in his response time to almost everything. As shown is his photo, he cleans up real well and is quite a hit with the ladies and gay men everywhere. His background in art of all mediums has proven to be vital in his development as a tattooer and as an artist. Working at print shops, screen printing factories, and in the fields of photography and graphic design all eventually lead to his discovery and love for tattooing.

After spending much of the late ‘s loitering around jersey shore tattoo shops Pete finally landed a job at a local shop as a body piercer. During his time working as a piercer he started to acquire much tattoo knowledge under the guidance of Jim Weiss now at Black Panther Tattoo.

Heritage Log Cabin Restoration in 5 Steps

You want them to be cute but they also need to be functional. This does not affect the price of the product at all. Our towel rack was a DIY that I made a while back. If you want a quick version, I just took an old cabinet door and painted it. Hubs put the shelf on top and then I added the hooks, which I got from Hobby Lobby. Bam, custom towel rack done.

He says I nailed it.

Copyright Trapline Products: Gopher Traps and More. Dig open a 4 or 5 inch section of tunnel, and push the set trap into the tunnel, tines upwards as shown in the photos to right. When placing the trap into tunnel, hold the trap by the winder spring handle with thumb and index finger, and keep some pressure on the back of the wire trigger pan with index finger as shown in first photo , to prevent the trap from firing as you slide it into the mole run.

Slide the traps in to the run far enough that the pan and usually part or all of the winder spring are inside the run. This downwards and forwards pressure will drive the tines of the trap slightly down into the soil, which is what you want.

Homestead Hybrid Solar Project Part 4: Panels Up, DC Side Hooked Up

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