Heyshams of Southeastern England

This section was most recently updated in October Beeson is generally seen as one of the greatest of the professional model locomotive builders, and the engines he produced are exceptionally well made. His super-detailed models have been illustrated and discussed in depth in various publications, and the locos from his later decades of production have been especially admired. Levy cited in full below refers to Beeson’s own view that his work from the s onwards was the most important p. Locomotives made or rebuilt by Beeson in these later years command very high prices. Less seems to have been reported systematically in the literature about the earlier and often relatively more simplified coarse-scale engines that Beeson sold either directly or through other retailers. This is despite the numerical significance of the pre-war and early post-war engines as a part of his total output, and their considerable historical interest. As regards the Beeson locos sold through other firms, Ganderton goes so far as to indicate that in the period between the two world wars the “special and production orders from other companies

Beeson, Mills & Evans (RME)

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Apparently the first ten full-sized engines of this class were built by the LMS with straight sides to their coal bunker tops, as on this model see Haresnape, B.

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Beeson, Mills & Evans (RME)

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Heyshams of Southeastern England

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The Royal Scot shown here is a Beeson three-rail model that was made in ‘war-time’ black.

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Collectors and dealers sometimes may be rather partisan about 0 gauge vintage trains in one way or another, but I have frequently found restorers and engineers rather less so.

Heyshams of Southeastern England

The narrative for this engine suggests that Beeson supplied quite a few parts for the builder, including apparently its smokebox.

Heyshams of Southeastern England

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The loco is mostly of tinplate but with its smokebox in nickel silver, and it seems to have started out as a coarse scale engine.

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